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This headache's gonna kill me for sure...
— 1 month ago
Time Is Rushing Through The Winds

Time never waits for anyone, but we keep standing still waiting for it to pause, rewind and slow down so that we can make those changing in our life which got us into trouble, but it’s too late. 

With the changing world, time is becoming more and more important and we feel it’s wearing some sort of flying boots and it’s keep flying. People have become more busy in their lives, that urge of becoming powerful and that greed of money have developed a numbness towards emotions for humanity. We humans have forgot that if this world exist, it’s because of us. Money exists because of us, power exists because of us people! But Time is not a thing to exist, it’s just keep rushing through the winds. 

That Phrase “I don’t have Time” or “I am getting late” . For what? That destiny you seek will not even exist if you don’t exist. That Time is running since the creation of this World but the difference is it was never measured the way it is now. Time will keep running after this world will be executed and then you will not be there to measure it.

Keeping pace with it is the only option we all have but by keeping pace means trying to live it not pass it!

— 1 month ago
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Using Tumblr after a long time. and I just forgot how it works. LOL 

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Queen Elsa of Arendelle

Princess Anna | Prince Hans | Kristoff

with the exception of beautiful, dangerous, queen, magical, queen, or sister (unless you count my besties), I’m Elsa!

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Smoking kills…
spread the word… 

Smoking kills…

spread the word… 

— 8 months ago
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i want this nail paint… :p

i want this nail paint… :p

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